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February 11, 2009 4

5 degrees in the sun

By michael lavine in Architecture

We were driving back from Vermont and as we passed through Albany I spotted what seemed to be the coolest building I have ever seen. It was the ultimate Fortress! Certainly I have rarely taken a photograph on a colder day. I hopped out of the car, snuck past the barricade, trudged through the snow [...]

February 4, 2009 4

R.I.P Lux Interior-Garage Rock GOD

By michael lavine in Rock and Roll

One of my inspirational heros died today and its a terrible loss for us all. My heart is heavy and filled with sadness. Lux is a legend, and his band The Cramps had a huge impact on my life and deeply influenced my love of rock and roll.  Long LIve the KING!!! Here is one [...]